A joint seminar by IMV, DanLen, and YarVet on reproduction in pig breeding was held in St. Petersburg. The workshop drew a lot of attention from major companies in the industry: 15 out of 20 major pig production companies attended the event.
Marina Belova, Head of the Lab, was invited as an expert and gave a presentation on internal quality control for boar semen. We are glad to say that Marina's presentation sparked a lively discussion. Professionals at Otrada are always eager to share our expertise and professional excellence in this complex and specific field.
"Marina's presentation was very much appreciated; by the words of some clients, she was the headliner of the business program. Production experience is always invaluable", commented Tatiana Pash, Tech Support Manager at IMV.
In addition, for extra exciting entertainment, Otrada hosted a foosball tournament with pig-themed figures. It was a welcome distraction from the serious presentations and the participants received some nice souvenirs from our company.