The XII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Veterinary Medicine in Pig Breeding-2023" took place in Novosibirsk from May 23 to 25. Otrada was invited as a speaker due to its international experience and deep expertise in breeding.
For the first time, a separate section dedicated to genetics was introduced at this conference, attracting leading breeders, zootechnicians, and representatives of the leading genetic companies and laboratories.
The catalyst for creating the genetic section at the exhibition was the discussion of innovations in breeding regulation at the state level. Specifically, the establishment of a unified database of breeding animals in Russia was proposed, with each animal being assessed based on specific criteria.
Anastasia Slobodskaya represented Otrada at the event and gave a presentation on
"Economically Justified Approach to Breeding Program". That speech highlighted aspects to consider when developing one's own genetics, such as the quantity and quality of livestock in Russia, as well as economic feasibility, perspectives of pork producers, and experiences from foreign countries in creating a unified database.