Otrada is the exclusive producer and distributor of PIC Danish Lines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia. We have combined the PIC advanced breeding program and genetics with our efficient production system, favorable sales conditions and competent production support.

Due to such cooperation, Otrada’ customers have direct access to animals of the highest genetic performance meeting the strictest global standards, with no need for import.

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Otrada & PIC Danish Lines partnership goals and advantages for our customers

PIC goal

Increase the genetic potential of animals by using cutting-edge technologies

Otrada’s goal

Make our customers successful by providing them animals with the highest genetic potential and competent production support

Cooperation of the companies means:

Using the Danish lines to obtain high-quality products meeting the demands of Russian market
Proven genetic progress and security of the breeding program, since the elite (nucleus) farms are located in several countries
High rate of the genetic progress transfer to our customers
Global expertise in genetics

PIC Danish Lines

PIC is a pig breeding division of the British company Genus plc pioneering in the field of animal genetics improvement and present in over 40 countries.
1,5+ bln
Animal-EBV combinations
150+ mln
Market pigs influenced/year
220+ thous
Genotyped animals per year
37+ mln
Animals in the database
40 countries
With representative offices of the company
Partner universities
100+ people
In Product Development and Technical Services
521+ mln
Data points
Index managed GTCs
Index managed farms
25,7+ mln pounds sterling
Invested in research/year