Start of operations
Breeding companies in Russia

Otrada is a vertically integrated company

Our business covers all areas of the pork industry: from growing and processing grain, feed production, including breeding and multiplying breeding animals, to supplying finished products through wholesale and retail sales channels. Our main activity is pig breeding. Today, Otrada is one of the leading Russian suppliers of pig genetics.
Crop Farming

Crop Farming

In an effort to ensure our own economic independence, we produce more than 100% of the grain we need to feed our animals.
9 000 ha
of arable land in Dobrinsky and Stanovlyansky districts of the Lipetsk Region
2 crop types
the fodder base consists of grains and legumes crops.
5 grain crops
winter and summer wheat, summer barley, sunflower, corn, pea

Otrada’s farming philosophy

Minimum soil treatment
to preserve moisture and natural biological activity in the soil.
Partial replacement of chemical fertilizers with pig manure
to increase the organic matter content in soil.
Using up-to-date equipment
to increase the production capacity and monitor the condition of lands under cultivation.

Grain storage and feed production

Inhouse feed production assures that all ingredients meet the animals’ needs and do not endanger health of the consumers.
28 000 tons
warehousing facilities
57 000 tons
compound feed mill annual production capacity
of the grain demand met inhouse

Pig Production

Five in-house breeding farms in the Dobrinsky and Usmansky Districts of the Lipetsk Region, as well as commercial GTC in the Stanovlyansky district provide Russian pork producers with direct access to world-class genetic potential.

Otrada is the exclusive producer and distributor of PIC Danish Lines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia

PIC is the world leader in swine genetics. The Danish Lines direction in PIC appeared based on the elite Danish population of Møllevang and became available worldwide

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Fuel our customers’ strive for constant increase of profitability in supplying them with the best swine genes, improved in Russia.
Our mission
As part of PIC Danish Lines, Otrada offers you the high-index animals specially bred for Russian conditions, to make you achieve the best economic performance
farms to produce breeding animals and semen
70 000
breeding animals per year – production capacity
13 out of 20
leading pork producers are our clients
8+ years
of the breeding animals’ sales experience, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka
7 000
installed sows for breeding animals production
500 km
to the south of Moscow (Lipetsk region) to our production facilities
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Biosecurity is our priority. All animals are slaughtered in our own slaughterhouse with modern German equipment, HAAS. For biosecurity purposes, the slaughterhouse is located adjacent to the farm, which reduces the need to transport the animals.

Wholesale & Retail

We sell our products through two main channels, with full traceability ensuring continuous meat quality control at all stages.
Wholesale of Half-Carcasses and Offal
Chilled half-carcasses of categories 1 and 2 and frozen pork offal
Moyalino Retail Shop
Fresh chilled meat of culinary cuts and branded ready-to-cook products of own production
Lipetsk, 12 Gorky str.