The Russian developer and manufacturer of animal ear tags, Siltek Group, and Otrada, one of the leading producers of breeding pigs in Russia, have implemented a project for pigs identification using a combination of visual and electronic tags in different colors.

Otrada has decided to use round electronic ear tags with a diameter of 27mm and a frequency of 134.2 kHz, along with visual Silflex CR30 tags available in four different colors, to provide additional color-based identification for different breeds. The electronic RFID tag, with a reading range of up to 30 centimeters in the LF range, is used for automated livestock counting. The RFID technology enables the creation of effective management systems with accelerated inventory capabilities, monitoring the condition of material objects throughout their usage, tracking actions related to them, generating reports, and providing recommendations for decision-making.

"We use multiple colors of ear tags and the RFID system to manage our breeding work. Each breed is assigned its unique tag color, which minimizes the influence of human error and allows for quick visual identification of animals during selection, sorting, transfers, and other production operations on the farm. This ensures the accuracy of our work. We have used a similar color-coding system before from a Danish supplier, but due to current restrictions, it was important for us to find a reliable partner in Russia. Siltek fulfilled our request, taking all our requirements into account, including integration with the farm's management system. We are pleased with this mutually beneficial collaboration." - Daria Kostina, Breeding Director at Otrada.

"We are glad that we could meet the client's request for supplying the product in such a diverse assortment," says Bogdan Zinchenko, Head of Industry Sales Development at Siltek. "Different colors presented a non-standard order, and we needed fast and maximum technological flexibility to achieve the required level of quality."