In this difficult time, PIC and Otrada would like to share our plans of leading business in Russia.

Here are the key points that we hope will bring clarity and confidence in cooperation with us:
1. PIC has been fully committed to the Russian market for almost two decades, with a strong local team and a physical asset base which include PPE and elite breeding animals.

2. The nature of PIC’s business — genetic improvement — is in the front line of the Russian food production chain, typically the type of business which is not sanctioned in international conflicts and also not used as a pressuring mean, because it would mean jeopardizing the access to food for Russian people and all those inhabitants of countries to which Russia exports meat to, which would be in plain contradiction with the humanitarian dimension PIC see in their activities.

3. In the current situation, PIC has no intention to leave Russia and is even ready to increase its commitment to the Russian market if new business development opportunities would require to do so.

4. The situation might change over time and might require a reassessment from PIC in the future, but it is not part of PICs DNA to put any client, in whatever location around the world, in a situation in which the sustainability of his business would be jeopardized because of PIC’s action or absence thereof.

5. All Otrada’s business, assets, employees are located in Russia. Otrada is a Russian company. Otrada leaving the country is simply not an option, so that we will always be next to our clients to support them.