- preparation and submission of VAT returns;
- interaction with government agencies, etc.
- work with tax reporting (calculation of tax on property, transport, land, water);
- control of receivables and payables, reconciliations with counterparties.


- knowledge of accounting and tax legislation;
- work experience of at least 3 years (in relevant areas of accounting);
- Confident user of MS Excel;
- responsibility, accuracy, willingness to learn new things and improve their knowledge of accounting.

- Carrying out inspections of the state of labor protection, introductory briefings;
- Monitoring compliance with health, safety and environmental safety requirements in accordance with regulatory documentation;
- Participation in the commission for testing knowledge of labor protection requirements;
- Conducting a special assessment of working conditions;
- Fire safety training and audits at facilities;
- Interaction with government agencies in terms of ecology and fire safety.


- Higher education in the direction of "Technospheric safety" or the corresponding areas of training (specialties) to ensure the safety of production activities;
- At least 2 years of work experience in the field of labor protection / industrial safety / ecology.
- Knowledge of regulatory legal acts, fundamentals of legislation and labor safety standards.
- Confident user of MS Excel, Word;
Your tasks will include:

- Perform procedures for feeding / watering animals, provide the necessary care;
- Monitor the condition and maintenance of animals;
- Carry out the transfer of animals, carry out veterinary treatment;
- Follow standard procedures depending on the site.


- Willingness to work with animals and physical activity;
- Willingness to learn a new profession;
- Performance, responsibility.

Workplace: Dobrinsky district (Aleksandrovka, Bogoroditskoye)
Your responsibilities will include:

- Preparation of management reporting, control of the budget process;
- Analytics in the context of fact - budget - forecast;
- Preparation of P&L forecast, Operation Flow;
- Analysis of investment projects, cost calculation;
- Conducting long-term/short-term modeling based on financial indicators.

Our wishes to the successful candidate:

- Knowledge of accounting;
- At least 1 year experience in relevant position;
- Skills in working with consolidation and P&L analysis, calculation of long-term models and prime cost;
- Responsibility, accuracy, willingness to learn new things and improve their knowledge of management accounting and financial controlling;
- Experienced user of MS Excel.
- Knowledge of ERP systems - SAP, 1C, NAV will be an advantage.
Your tasks will include:

- Development of instructions for civil defense and fire safety;
- Maintaining documentation on civil defense and actions to prevent and eliminate emergencies in the company;
- Conducting trainings in civil defense and emergency situations;
- Planning and implementation of civil defense activities (adjustment and development of civil defense plans);
- Cooperation with government agencies in terms of civil defense and fire safety at the enterprise;
- Organization and control over the implementation of fire safety measures.

Our wishes:

- Experience of 3 years in civil defense and emergency situations at manufacturing enterprises;
- Knowledge of the legislative framework for civil defense and emergency situations;
- Knowledge of normative legal acts, fundamentals of legislation and standards;
- Confident user of MS Excel, Word.

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