Strong commitment to education is part of Otrada’s DNA

Nowadays businesses are recognizing that fostering education is a crucial building block for creating a sustainable future, for both the company and the community. As Chief Executive Officer of Otrada Group Patrick Hoffmann says the indispensable part of the DNA of the company is its strong commitment to education. Decision has thus been made to establish “Otrada Academy” which will offer a unique learning environment for development of well-trained and properly educated working force in the pig production industry and in farming in general.
The Academy will be built on the model of the Danish farming schools which have a proven record in training professional specialists in all farming areas.
Thus, block release training courses – an alternate between theoretical lessons at the Academy and practical lessons at farms – will represent a fundamental principle of educational process in the Academy. After successful completion of the course each student will be awarded with Academy Certificate / Diploma and will consequently be encouraged to internal promotion.
Exactly as other prosperous international companies that are spending their sustainable budgets on education, Otrada Academy engagement won’t be limited by vocational in-farm swine courses. Therefore Otrada Academy – alongside other companies mostly from France – has sponsored a noteworthy event called 4L Trophy. It is the hugest humanitarian rally that only students can join with Renault 4 cars. Its objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide disadvantaged children with 50 tons of school supplies. Getting to know that financing of such a humanitarian project is a hard part of 4L Trophy for students and that almost every team relies on private funds to finance their project, Otrada Academy agreed to sponsor a team of French students: Nicolas, who worked as an intern for Otrada Group last year, and Néomie. At present they are studying in EMLYON, one of the top 3 business management universities in France.
The 20th anniversary of 4L Trophy was held from 15th February to 25th February 2018. 2 900 participants from 15 different countries had to drive 6 000 km from departure site in Biarritz (southwest of France) in the direction of Algeciras (south of Spain) to sail to Tangier, Morocco, and then to get to Marrakech, Morocco.  Everyday aim was to win the day's stage using the Road Book, a map of Morocco and a compass. The Academy Otrada’s team was accompanied by a mascot – a big piggy.
The ranking was based on the teams' ability to drive in the desert and to reach the checkpoints as required. It was not important to be the fastest team but to be able to reach the meeting point by doing as few kilometers as possible. What is more, the Moroccan desert implies a lot of challenges. Participants had to drive through dunes and sand tracks, overcoming the different “wadis”, an Arabic name given to unstable sand area, and staying on course while being in a lunar landscape.
Moreover, Renault 4L car is not typically the best car to go through that kind of troubles. Truth be told, it is an old car produced since 1961 until 1992 and very similar to Russian “Zhiguli” cars.
It is a great honour for Otrada Group to have been a part of such a socially important event as Trophy 4L.