Patrick Hoffmann, CEO of Otrada Group, spoke in front of the MBA students in Switzerland

The importance of knowledge sharing becomes clearer when you understand the tremendous value it contributes to all the parties. In Otrada, knowledge is a crucially important currency that the Company is always ready to share, as its management does believe that this process provides opportunities to learn interesting things from other people’s experience and about its own business. Usually, these findings turn into improvements of Otrada’s performances and that of its clients.
Otrada’s management sets a shining example of these values. Patrick Hoffmann, CEO of Otrada group, is always willing to share his ideas and experience. In recent years, he has accepted several invitations to address MBA students, both in Skolkovo (Moscow) and in IMD (Lausanne – Switzerland).
On the 8th of March, he spoke in front of the attendees of an MBA Program at IMD Business School (International Institute for Management Development). It was the fourth time Patrick Hoffmann has been invited there as a guest speaker.
This program represents the core courses designed for the educational needs of students allowing them to earn an MBA Degree. IMD also provides a platform for best practices exchange among general managers of the largest European companies: Nestlé S.A., Fortaco Group, Microsoft Western Europe, Syngenta, etc.
This time Patrick Hoffmann gave a presentation about “How can pigs lead to becoming an entrepreneur?“ where he highlighted issues relating to the Company’s development: overviews of strategic planning, its corporate values, main achievements, roadblocks Otrada had to overcome. An enlightening exchange of views about the potential developments of Otrada concluded the session. The speech was illustrated by telling examples and actual business situations. Numerous questions concerning production management, the specifics of genetic selection, export potential, etc. were raised by attendees. Students were particularly interested in Patrick Hoffmann’s story as an entrepreneur, both from a personal and a professional point of view.

On the photo: Patrick Hoffmann with Benoît Leleux, the Stephan Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland).