Otrada Square Park was officially opened in Stanovoye

On 23 May 2018, Otrada Square Park was officially opened in Stanovoye (Lipetsk Region). This public square park is a result of cooperation between local and regional authorities and Otrada Group, a new investor in Stanovoye District. The ceremony was attended by Sergey Strebkov, Deputy Head of Stanovoye Municipal District, and our management team members - Patrick Hoffmann, Joseph Varennes and Konstantin Burtsev.
Stanovoye may now compete with the Green Planet park, a fantastic mountain world on the Olympic site Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. Otrada Square Park in Stanovoye also has topiary figures, evergreen plant sculptures. They are resistant to corrosion, temperature fluctuations and moisture and covered with evergreen grass. Grass is fixed to the base manually, so that topiary figures look elegant, realistic and pleasant.
Topiary figures were Otrada’s gift to Stanovoye. While walking past these evergreen figures, you will see a giant two-meter elephant, a large bear, three merry piglets, a fairytale house, and convenient benches where every resident of Stanovoye can have a rest after a walk.
The entertainment program at the official ceremony featured a show of children’s ensembles and dance groups from Stanovoye, and every child received a sweet present from Otrada Group.
As part of the visit to Stanovoye, the guests were also invited to the Quantorium, children’s sci-tech park in its final construction phase. This first ever rural sci-tech park for children is a one-off project that was made possible by joint efforts of local and regional authorities and Otrada Group.
The Quantorium is a platform for would-be researchers and a sci-tech park where children can learn how robots function, how to design an airplane and much more. It is a place for young innovators to grow their talent!