Otrada launches a new retail chain ‘Myaso Est’

In spring 2018, a new brand Myaso Est’, already well-known for its high quality, entered the Otrada Group portfolio.

The branding campaign is aimed at selling chilled pork and by-products from the company’s own farms at affordable prices.
The Myaso Est’ brand grew from a small shop into a 7-shop chain in just a few months. The main brand concept is "We want our products to be affordable to customers. That is why our prices are very similar to the wholesale ones, so that our customers can buy our products not only "on a special occasion" but when they just "want meat"".
The brand ensures high quality at low producer prices. A true gem is the minimalist interior design and simple meat cutting which play into the hands of each and every consumer.
A good location of the shops is another benefit. The brand "shop-in-shop" idea was actively supported by the largest retailer X5 Retail Group, so Myaso Est’ can be easily found in conveniently located retail shops.

Shops addresses:
- 6, Ploschad’ Pobedi, Central Market
- 5, Ploschad’ Pobedi, Pyaterochka shop,
- 5, Lipovskaya street, Pyaterochka shop
- 96, Kosmonavtov street, Pyaterochka shop
- 184, Studyonovskaya street, Pyaterochka shop
- 9, Kosmonavtov street, Pyaterochka shop
- 60 let SSSR street, Pyaterochka shop