Harvesting reaches the finish line

Striving to be totally self-sufficient, Otrada produces more than 100% of grain needed to feed its pigs. This year Otrada has successfully completed harvesting grain, bringing in more than 54 000 tons of grain (feed barley, multiplication barley, spring wheat, malt barley and winter wheat) from an area of 12 000 ha.
This year, thanks to good weather, the harvest campaign was conducted without long breaks.
Euro Land LLC has already finished harvesting cereals. Sunflower and soya are the only crops left to be harvested.
In comparison with 2017, due to the amount of rain, less volume of grain was harvested: in 2017 there was 200 mm of rain during the vegetation period, while this year - only 70 mm. Undoubtedly, it strongly influenced the plant development and yield.
Among those technologies Otrada applies is a specific farm management system designed purely for the needs of agricultural companies involved in land cultivation – Cropio farm management. Cropio is a very useful and convenient management tool that provides a wide range of information needed for monitoring and controlling the field works. It allows to see the field and crop condition online, weather forecast and soil moisture status and even the yield prognoses. Cropio has a possibility for integration with telematics and GPS systems and that helps to monitor the hourly and daily work of all the machinery as well as their efficiency and movements. In case of the off-plan work, absence of a signal and other issues, the system sends automatic alarms so that managers can react and improve the situation as quickly as possible.
For the 2018-2019 season it is planned to crop planted areas mainly to get feed for Company's pig operations but also to have some high value crops such as soya, sunflower and multiplication barley.