Again among the best

On 18 August 2018, the Dobrinskiy District of the Lipetsk Region celebrated its 90th anniversary. Along with festive and sports events, the celebration included the opening of an updated honors board. The Dobrinka honors board traditionally features young talents, best workers and employee teams who have achieved the highest results and recognition in various fields. One of 16 people on the 2018 Honors Bord is Farm Manager Roman Viktorovich Rodin.
Roman Rodin was born in 1986 in the Somovka Village, Dobrinskiy District, Lipetsk Region. In 2012, Roman Rodin joined our company where it took him only 3 years to make a career from an operator to a farm manager. Holding this position since 2015, he manages the finishing site at Farm 2.
Roman told us how he felt about his work recognized by the district municipality and shared his plans for the near future.

- How did you learn that your photo will stay on the Dobrinka honors board for the next year?
- It came as a complete surprise when I was invited to the local administration for a photoshoot. I did not know that the management has nominated me for this honor.

- What was the reaction of your big family?
- I am extremely happy to see that my daughters take pride in my achievements. We attended the opening ceremony together. Now they are telling every eager listener that my photo is on the honors board, and my eldest daughter is carrying with her a report on the awarding ceremony published in the latest Dobrinskie Vesti Newspaper.

- Which character traits helped you deserve the honor?
- The same traits as I am trying to develop in each employee of our company – responsibility at every work stage, perfectionism, and a strive to do the job with an insight into every process.

- What are your future plans?
- The same as I had before. To work at the same rate and improve my skills daily!